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Granny Mac Beverage Company, LLC is minority-owned and based in beautiful Lakeland, Florida. Ventura Smith (CEO) established the company in 2022. He named it after his 91 year old grandmother, Margie, known by her family as β€œGranny”. For Well over 20+ years, Granny has made this AMAZING tea that contained a secret recipe for her immediate family that beverage brand is now called DOONK'S

DOONK'S (Mango & Cranberry) Half Gallons
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DOONK'S (Mango & Cranberry) 16OZ Shooters
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DOONK'S ( Strawberry πŸ“ Pineapple 🍍)

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Our label says it ALL.. IT'S SOO TEAA LICIOUS!

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What Our Customer Says

I must admit this is some of the best tasting tea I've ever tasted!

Tracy Mcgrady (TMac)

Being a specialty beverage they have the best products at reasonable prices over Internet.


Being a true southerner you know I loveee me some sweet tea, but when I tried Granny Mac Tea I was HOOKED all over again!


This is deliciousss... I gave up my Pepsi for it.


Babyyy there's no Tea like this right here. I love it over some ice but even more AMAZING in my mix drink!


I came to my hometown and everyone was talking about this tea. And the fuss is real I Love this stuff!

Mr. Pouncey

I can't stop drinking It! I love it with some soul food...

Mr. Rainey

Bless Granny's heart for this AMAZING sweet tea!