About Us

Granny Mac Beverage Company, LLC is minority-owned and based in beautiful Lakeland Florida. Ventura Smith is the active CEO and established the company in 2022. He named it after his 90 year old grandmother, Margie, known by her family as “Granny”. For well over 15 years, she has made this AMAZING sweet tea that contained a secret recipe for her immediate family. Through Ventura’s persistence in asking his grandmother for the recipe, she finally released it to him to start the business. Granny Mac's brand DOONK'S has released it's first two flavors Mango/Cranberry and Strawberry/Pineapple formulated from Granny’s original secret recipe. What makes this tea different from the others? It’s made with love. The expression of love bursts through the taste of its refreshing flavor. You have to taste it to experience it!

Granny Mac Beverage Company, LLC has partnered with The Rainey House, Inc., a 501c3 organization whose mission is to assist homeless veterans with shelter and other supportive services. A portion of Granny Mac Beverage Company, LLC’s earnings are donated to The Rainey House, Inc. to support its mission.

Granny Mac Beverage Company, LLC looks forward to the mass production of its beverages.


Ventura Smith CEO

Granny Mac Beverage Company